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Will Bombardier & Lois Duncan

We are shifting paradigms, co-creating a conscious economy, raising vibrations and creating tangible change up in here! Join us for conscious conversation and inspiration.

Our vision

Be the world you wish to create.

What do you get when a Visionary Dreamer and a Science-minded Builder - who both experienced profound healings through plant and indigenous medicines - come together as healed and whole and united in vision to be of higher service to humanity?

You get fascinating, forward-thinking, solutions-oriented, paradigm-shifting conversations about all things Conscious Living - from Sacred Sexuality, to Eco-Living and Aquaponics, to Gene Keys, Human Design, Plant Medicines, Conscious Marketing and much more … hosts Lois Duncan and Will Bombardier aren't afraid to take on spicy topics that inspire action and renewed hope for humanity. We all know what’s wrong with the world, isn’t it time someone starts taking about how to fix it? You won’t find a bitch fest here, what you will find are guests that are Tangible Changemakers® who bring the full essence of themselves, their gifts and wisdom to their life and work and are committed to healing and higher learning, evolution of consciousness and REAL solutions so we can all thrive together.

Tune in every Tuesday at 11 CST for a new episode and conversations that inspire, activate and put you on your path to passion and purpose.

Join the conversation.

Your voice matters.

We are taking on some spicy topics with the intentions of getting the conversation started and creating real discourse that leads to tangible action, real change and transformation in the world. We care about your perspective and would love to hear your input. Please join us on our platform Meraki Tribe Collective in our private community Meraki Social to contribute to the conversation.

Together we can create a better world for all.


Latest from the podcast.

Our Mission & Vision

Waking up … a conscious call to action.

Lois's Story

Pain, Power, Purpose & Fairy Tale Endings

Will's Story

Budo, Embodiment & Principled Living

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The Guestbook

Upcoming & past guests.

  • Hayleigh Tilton

    Hayleigh Tilton is a Research Coordinator at Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit. She is the former President and Harm Reduction Chair for Florida State University's SSDP

    — Hayleigh Tilton —

  • Windy Woo

    Certified Akashic Records Practitioner & Certified Intuitive Life Coach! I Read Energetic Vibes to Improve Lives! I help you discover & address obstacles & unconscious patterns that are not in alignment with your Highest Self.

    — Windy Woo —

  • Christy LeCuyer

    Carrier of ancient healing practices, embodies the empowered sacred feminine. Her calling is to hold space for each community she is involved with and build tribe using modalities such as yoga, meditation, Vedic bodywork, folk medicine, empowerment workshops, goddess gatherings, sacred transformational programs, and indigenous ceremonies.

    — Christy LeCuyer —

  • Bre Choat

    Bre is a cosmic channel for communicating directly to the Divine, your guides, angels, and ancestors through the medium of tarot, and oracle cards to help you find deeper alignment on the human journey.

    — Bre Choat —

  • Anastasia Menechem

    Anastasia is an incredibly talented artist and medicine woman walking the Red Road and sacredness flows through her every breath.

    — Anastasia Menechem —

  • Donell Wicklund

    Donell has spent most of her adult life exploring health, physiology, and functional medicine is dedicated to understanding how the human can function more optimally through exploring practices, tools and natural healing resources. She is incredibly knowledgable in the area of psychedelics, psychology and human performance.

    — Donell Wicklund —

Connect with us

Walking our talk.

Co-Founders of Meraki Tribe Collective, Lois and Will are available for podcast interviews, speaking engagements, workshops and more. Both are committed to being a walking embodiment of the principles and core values they espouse and have actually created tangible results in their own lives and healing journey.


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